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Profile and Philosophy

LITHoil is a Colombian Limited Society, with 15 years of presence in National and Latin America Markets, in the Oil & Gas Reservoir Characterization and Exploration Areas Evaluation. Among others, the outstanding participation of LITHoil´s Consultants in some studies allowed:

• Provide effective technical support and knowledge about the geological characteristics of the Colombian Basins to foreign investors through participation as co-authors in the Books Petroleum Geology of Colombia and Geology and hydrocarbon potential, Atrato and San Juan basins, Chocó (Panamá) Arc, Colombia, edited by Universidad Eafit for National Agency of Hydrocarbons, ANH.

• Support to National Agency of Hydrocarbons, the Colombian Open Round 2010 in several national and international events.

• Support successful exploration campaigns in Colombia to Hocol Colombia (2009 – 2010) and SK Energy (2011).

• Support the development plan of Ortega and Pacande Fields, through advanced petrophysical modeling, which increased the production from 128 BOPD to 400 BOPD (2008 – 2009) opened fractured limestones intervals.

• Increase the production from 98 BOPD to 416 BOPD (2009 – 2010) in Platanillo Field, Putumayo Basin, Colombia to Amerisur Resources and to define the 2012 drilling planning to reach 5000 BOPD.

LITHoil is a company that offers to the clients, high technical quality, as well as responsibility, initiative, commitment, value added and certainty in all aspects including the development of their studies.

Knowledge produces value

Advanced Reservoir Characterization, Exploration areas evaluation, Petrophysical Modeling based on lithotypes, E&P technical and economical evaluations


  • 4 Regional Studies
  • 15 Integrated Reservoir Characterization Studies
  • 1 Gas & Oil Shale Evaluation
  • More than 30 Field Advanced Petrophysical Models
  • More than 10 Fields /Blocks Seismic Interpretation and more than 25 Exploratory Wells Evaluated support

LITHoil´s experience and knowledge




LITHoil Ltda has implemented procedures in their work flows, based on industry standards, including our methodology for integrating multiple perspectives which allow us to adjust to the conditions of information and data of each individual client. In general terms we are able to integrate products from areas as described below.

  • Description and geological analysis of the area
  • Evolution and tectonic setting of the basin
  • Stratigraphy and Sedimentology Models
  • Well - core correlation
  • Petrophysical evaluation
  • Units flow identification
  • Lithotypes / litofacies identification
  • Seismic - Well tie
  • Seismic-structural and seismic- strtigraphic interpretation
  • Paleoenvironments maps
  • Domain reservoir maps
  • Original Oil in Place estimation (deterministic and probabilistic)
  • Reserves Estimation
  • Opportunities portfolio (PASS / FEL methodology)
  • Generation and analysis of production curves
  • Performance assessment of pressures
  • Historical evaluation of production data and events well
  • Definition of the drive mechanism
  • Identification of contact water - oil, gas - oil, lko hkw
  • Evaluation of lifting System


ARC Group

Austin, TX.

Andes Systems

Galveston, TX





Gustavo A. Montenegro Buitrago

Senior Geophysicist
General Manager

Mario F. Barragán Arias

Senior Petrophysicist
Integrated Studies Team Leader

Address: Carrera 12 No. 93 - 37 Of. 405
Phone Number: + 57 (1) 8051870
Bogotá D.C. Colombia